Input & output
This section explains the node resources that the algorithm container has access to.

File mounts

The algorithm has access to several file mounts:
Temporary directory
The paths to these files and directories are stored in the environment variables, which we will explain now.

Environment variables

The environment variables contain the file paths to the file-mounts. The following environment variables are available:
path to the input file. The input file contains the user defined input for the algorithms.
Path to the output file. The contents of the output file are send back to the vantage6-server when the algorithm container exits.
Path to the token file. The token file contains a JWT token which can be used to access the vantage6-server. This way the algorithm container is able to post new tasks and retrieve results.
Path to the temporary folder. This folder can be used to store intermediate results. These intermediate results are shared between all containers that have the same run_id. Algorithm containers which are created from an algorithm container themselves share the same run_id.
Contains the URL to the vantage6-server.
Contains the port to which the vantage6-server listens. Is used in combination with HOST and API_PATH.
Contains the api base path from the vantage6-server.
Contains the URI of the local database. The * is replaced by the key specified in the node configuration file.
Additional environment variables can be specified in the node configuration file using the algorithm_env key. These additional variables are forwarded to all algorithm containers.
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