These are the things we recommend
vantage6 consists of several components that can be installed. Which component(s) you need depends on your use case. Also the requirements differ per component.


The client interacts with the server. It can for example create tasks and retrieve results. In this case you would need to interact with the API of the server. You can explore the API of the server using the https://<serverdomain>/apidocs of the server you are trying to interact with (e.g. look at
You can use any language to interact with the server as long as it supports HTTP requests. For Python and R we have written wrappers to simplify the interaction with the server, see Clientfor more details on how to install these.
Depending on your algorithm it may be required to use a specific language to retrieve the results. This could happen when the output of an algorithm contains a language specific datatype and or serialization.
E.g. when the algorithm is written in R and the output is written back in RDS (=specific to R) you would also need R to read the final input.
Please consult the developer of your algorithm if this is the case.

Node & Server

The (minimal) requirements of the node and server are similar. Note that these are recommendations it very well might also work on other hardware, operating systems, versions of python etc.
  • x86 CPU architecture + virtualization enabled
  • 1 GB memory
  • 50GB+ storage
  • Stable and fast (1 Mbps+ internet connection)
The hardware requirements of the node are also dependant on the algorithms it is going to run. E.g. when running descriptive statistical tool you need a lot less then a machine learning model.
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