Dockerized installation
Installation using the prebuilt, dockerized components
Running the dockerized node and/or server is the preferred way of using vantage6. It requires that the Docker runtime is installed (and running) and that the vantage6 command line interface (CLI) is available.
See What to install? for information on how to verify Docker is installed and running properly

Installing the Command Line Interface

We have provided a command line interface (CLI) that facilitates pulling (i.e., downloading) and interacting with the server and node images from the docker registry. This CLI can be installed through Python's pip command:
pip install vantage6
Depending on your local setup you might need to substitute pip with pip3.
After installation, the commands vnode and vserver should be available in the command prompt. The following commands should run without error (and provide documentation on how to use them).
vnode --help
vserver --help
When using Windows, make sure you share you're drives with Docker.
For information on how to use the vnode and vserver commands, see the sections Server (dockerized) and Node (dockerized).
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