General requirements

🐍 Python3(.7)

Installation of any of the vantage6 packages requires Python 3.7. For installation instructions, see, or use the package manager native to your OS and/or distribution (e.g. apt for debian or Ubuntu, yum for fedora, or yast for SuSE).
We recommend you install vantage6 in a new, clean environment.
Other version of Python >= 3.6 will most likely also work, but might give issues with installing dependencies. For now we test vantage6 on version 3.7, so that is a safe choice.

🐳 Docker

Running a node always requires the Docker runtime to be installed (and running). Running the server only requires docker when it's run as a dockerized application.
The correct installation of docker can be verified with the following command:
docker run hello-world
🐳 Always make sure that Docker is running!
🐳 If this command is not successful, please see Docker's website for installation instructions specific for your platform.
🐳 We recommend to always use the latest version of Docker.

Signed Images

In case you only allow to use signed images (see you should set the environment variable DOCKER_CONTENT_TRUST = 1 .
By doing so you might not be able to use certain algorithms. You can check this by verifying that the images you want to be used are signed.
In the case that you are using our Docker repository you need to use
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