A (central) server allows parties to connect and exchange data.
To install the vantage6-server make sure you have met the requirements. Then install the latest version:
pip install vantage6
This command will install the vantage6 command line interface (CLI), from which you can create new servers (see Use Server).

There are several optional components that you can set up apart from the vantage6-server itself.
You can set up a User Interface, which is a web application that will allow your users to communicate more easily with your vantage6 server.
A docker registry can be used to store algorithms but it is also possible to use Docker hub for this. For instructions on how to install your own Docker registry see Docker registry.
If you want to enable algorithm containers that are running on different nodes, to directly communicate with one another, you require a VPN server. Refer to EduVPN on how to install the VPN server.
If you have a server with a high workload whose performance you want to improve, you may want to set up a RabbitMQ service which enables horizontal scaling of the Vantage6 server. SeeRabbitMQ on how to set this up.
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