Horizontal scaling for servers with high workloads
Please note that RabbitMQ is an optional component. It enables the server to handle multiple requests at the same time. This is important if a server has a high workload.
There are several options to host your own RabbitMQ server. You can run RabbitMQ in Docker or host RabbitMQ on Azure. When you have set up your RabbitMQ service, you can connect the server to it by adding the following to the server configuration:
rabbitmq_uri: amqp://<username>:<[email protected]<hostname>:5672/<vhost>
Be sure to create the user and vhost that you specify exist! Otherwise, you can add them via the RabbitMQ management console.
Note that the RabbitMQ currently (vantage6 version 3.2) does not yet work if you start your server via vserver start. We are planning to implement support for this in v3.3. Until then, please contact us if you want help setting up a vantage6 server with RabbitMQ.
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