2 Harukas

The Harukas release notes


  • Feature

    • Custom algorithm environment variables can be set using the algorithm_env key in the configuration file. See this Github issue.

    • Support for non-file-based databases on the node. See this Github issue.

    • Added flag --attach to the vserver start and vnode start command. This directly attaches the log to the console.

    • Auto updating the node and server instance is now limited to the major version. See this Github issue.

      • e.g. if you've installed the Trolltunga version of the CLI you will always get the Trolltunga version of the node and server.

      • Infrastructure images are now tagged using their version major. (e.g. trolltunga or harukas )

      • It is still possible to use intermediate versions by specifying the --image option when starting the node or server. (e.g. vserver start --image harbor.vantage6.ai/infrastructure/server:2.0.0.post1 )

  • Bugfix


  • Bugfix

    • Fixed a bug that prevented the usage of secured registry algorithms


  • Feature

    • Role/rule based access control

      • Roles consist of a bundle of rules. Rules profided access to certain API endpoints at the server.

      • By default 3 roles are created: 1) Container, 2) Node, 3) Root. The root role is assigned to the root user on the first run. The root user can assign rules and roles from there.

    • Major update on the python-client. The client also contains management tools for the server (i.e. to creating users, organizations and managing permissions. The client can be imported from from vantage6.client import Client .

    • You can use the agrument verbose on the client to output status messages. This is usefull for example when working with Jupyter notebooks.

    • Added CLI vserver version , vnode version , vserver-local version and vnode-local version commands to report the version of the node or server they are running

    • The logging contains more information about the current setup, and refers to this documentation and our Discourd channel

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  • Bugfix

    • Issue with the DB connection. Session management is updated. Error still occurs from time to time but can be reset by using the endpoint /health/fix . This will be patched in a newer version.