The node runs algorithms requested by clients
It is assumed you have successfully installed vantage6-node. To verify this you can run the command vnode --help. If that prints a list of commands, the installation is completed. Also, make sure that Docker is running.
An organization runs a node for each of the collaborations it participates in

To create a new node, run the command below. A menu will be started that allows you to set up a node configuration file. For more details, check out the Configure page.
vnode new
To run a node, execute the command below. The --attach flag will cause log output to be printed to the console.
vnode start --name <your_node> --attach
Finally, a node can be stopped again with:
vnode stop --name <your_node>

Below is a list of all commands you can run for your node(s). To see all available options per command use the --help flag, i.e. vnode start --help .
vnode new
Create a new node configuration file
vnode start
Start a node
vnode stop
Stop one or all nodes
vnode files
List the files of a node
vnode attach
Print the node logs to the console
vnode list
List all available nodes
vnode create-private-key
Create and upload a new public key for your organization
See the following sections on how to configure and maintain a vantage6-node instance:
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