Without the CLI

In this page we'll explain how to run a Node instance without using the vantage6 CLI.

This is not the intended use! However there are use-cases where you do not want to use our CLI and start the Node docker container manually.

Pull the latest Node docker image:

docker pull harbor.vantage6.ai/infrastructure/node

This Docker container expects multiple mounts, a volume, and a environment variable.

🏇 Mounts

Mount path



Contains the database file that contains the data that the Node is allowed to access


Directory where the log files can be stored at the host machine


Docker data volume which is used for transferring data between node and algorithms


Directory containing the configuration file


Contains the docker.sock from the host system. Usually: //var/run/docker.sock


Optional. If provided the private key will be used to decrypt any incoming messages.

📦 Volume

The node expects a single Docker volume, in which it can share data with the algorithm containers. You can give this volume any name as you specify its name in the environment variables.

docker volume create datavolume-name

🏎 Run the Node

The configuration_name is the filename without the .yaml extension, and the environment is the name of the environment you want to use: test , prod , acc ,dev or application, see this section how the configuration file should be formatted.

docker run \
-e DATA_VOLUME_NAME="some-name" \
-v some-name:/mnt/data-volume \
-v /host/database.csv:/mnt/database.csv \
-v /host/log:/mnt/log \
-v datavolume-name:/mnt/data \
-v /host/config:/mnt/config \
-v //var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
-v /host/private_key.pem:/mnt/private_key \
harbor.distributedlearning.ai/infrastructure/node \
configuration_name environment
docker run `
-e DATA_VOLUME_NAME="some-name" `
-v some-name:/mnt/data-volume `
-v /host/database.csv:/mnt/database.csv `
-v /host/log:/mnt/log `
-v /host/data:/mnt/data `
-v /host/config:/mnt/config `
-v //var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock `
-v /host/private_key.pem:/mnt/private_key `
harbor.distributedlearning.ai/infrastructure/node `
configuration_name environment