Without the CLI

In this page we'll explain how to run a Server instance without using the vantage6 CLI.

This is not the intended use! However there are use-cases where you do not want to use our CLI and start the Node docker container manually (e.g. when using docker-compose).

Pull a server docker image from our docker registry. If you do not specify a version it will automatically pull the latest version.

docker pull harbor.vantage6.ai/infrastructure/server[:version]

🏇 Mounts

Mount path



Contains the server configuration file


(Optional) folder that contains the database file. Note that if you set this, you also need to specify the environment variable VANTAGE6_DB_URI

In case you want to use an external database, you can omit the /mnt/database and specify the URI form the database in the /mnt/config.yaml. Make sure that the Docker container can reach this URI.

📦 Environment variables

Variable name



Local path to where the database file is located. (e.g. /mnt/database/server.sqlite)

🏎 Run the Server

The configuration_name is the filename without the .yaml extension, and the environment is the name of the environment you want to use: test , prod , acc ,dev or application, see this section how the configuration file should be formatted.

docker run \
-e VANTAGE_DB_URI="server.sqlite" \
-v /host/config.yaml:/mnt/config.yaml \
-v /host/server.sqlite:/mnt/database/server.sqlite \
harbor.distributedlearning.ai/infrastructure/server \
configuration_name environment