4.4. Deploy#

The deployment of the algorithm store is highly similar to the deployment of the vantage6 server. Both are Flask applications that are structured very similarly.

The algorithm store’s deployment is a bit simpler because it does not use socketIO. This means that you don’t have to take into account that the websocket channels should be open, and makes it easier to horizontally scale the application.

4.4.1. NGINX#

The algorithm store can be deployed with a similar nginx script as detailed for the server.

One note is that for the algorithm store, the subpath is fixed at /api, so be sure to set that in the subpath block.

4.4.2. Docker compose#

The algorithm store can be started with v6 algorithm-store start, but in most deployment scenarios a docker-compose file is used. Below is an example of a docker-compose file that can be used to deploy the algorithm store.

    image: harbor2.vantage6.ai/infrastructure/algorithm-store:cotopaxi
    - "8000:5000"
    - /path/to/my/server.yaml:/mnt/config.yaml
    command: ["/bin/bash", "-c", "/vantage6/vantage6-algorithm-store/server.sh"]