3.2. Install#

3.2.1. Local (test) Installation#

To install the vantage6 server, make sure you have met the requirements. Then, we provide a command-line interface (CLI) with which you can manage your server. The CLI is a Python package that can be installed using pip. We always recommend to install the CLI in a virtual environment or a conda environment.

Run this command to install the CLI in your environment:

pip install vantage6

Or if you want to install a specific version:

pip install vantage6==x.y.z

You can verify that the CLI has been installed by running the command vserver --help. If that prints a list of commands, the installation is completed.

The server software itself will be downloaded when you start the server for the first time.

3.2.2. Host your server#

To host your server, we recommend to use the Docker image we provide: harbor2.vantage6.ai/infrastructure/server. Running this docker image will start the server. Check the Deploy section for deployment examples.


We recommend to use the latest version. Should you have reasons to deploy an older VERSION, use the image harbor2.vantage6.ai/infrastructure/server:<VERSION>.

If you deploy an older version, it is also recommended that the nodes match that version. They can do that by specifying the --image flag in their configuration file (see this section on node configuration).