6.2.3. Linked docker containers#

Available since version 3.2.0

You may have a service running in a Docker container that you would like to make available to your algorithm. This may be useful, for example, if you are running a (test) SQL database in a container and want to make it available to your algorithm without having to set up whitelisting or SSH tunnels.

You can define the container that you want to make available to the algorithm in the docker_services section of your node configuration file:

    container_label: container_name

where container_name is the name of your Docker container. This container will be made available in the Docker network where the algorithm containers are running, so your algorithm will be able to access it via http://localhost. The container_label will be used as alias for the container in the isolated Docker network.

Note that this option only works if your container with container_name is already running when you start the node. If it is not, the node will not be able to link the container to the isolated docker network and will print a warning.