4.5. Use#

This section explains which commands are available to manage your algorithm store. These can be used to set up a test server locally. To deploy a server, see the deployment section.

4.5.1. Quick start#

To create a new algorithm store, run the command below. A menu will be started that allows you to set up an algorithm store configuration file.

v6 algorithm-store new

For more details, check out the Configure section.

To run an algorithm store, execute the command below. The --attach flag will copy log output to the console.

v6 algorithm-store start --name <your_store> --attach

Finally, a server can be stopped again with:

v6 algorithm-store stop --name <your_store>

4.5.2. Available commands#

The following commands are available in your environment. To see all the options that are available per command use the --help flag, e.g. v6 server start --help.

Table 4.1 Available commands#



v6 algorithm-store new

Create a new algorithm store configuration file

v6 algorithm-store start

Start an algorithm store

v6 algorithm-store stop

Stop an algorithm store

v6 algorithm-store files

List the files that an algorithm store is using

v6 algorithm-store attach

Show an algorithm store’s logs in the current terminal

v6 algorithm-store list

List the available algorithm store instances