4.1. Introduction#

4.1.1. What is an algorithm store?#

When using vantage6, it is important to know which algorithms are available to you. This is why vantage6 has algorithm stores. An algorithm store contains metadata about the algorithms so that you can easily find the algorithm you need, and know how to use it.

There is a community algorithm store, which is by default available to all collaborations. This store is maintained by the vantage6 community. You can also create your own algorithm store. This allows you to create a private algorithm store, which is only available to your own collaborations. .. # TODO add link to creating algorithm store .. TODO add links to an architectural page where algorithm store is explained

4.1.2. Linking algorithm stores#

Algorithm stores can be linked to a vantage6 server or to a specific collaboration on a server. If an algorithm store is linked to a server, the algorithms in the store are available to all collaborations on that server. If an algorithm store is linked to a collaboration, the algorithms in the store are only available to that collaboration.

Users can link algorithm stores to a collaboration if they have permission to modify that collaboration. Algorithm stores can only be linked to a server by users that have permission to modify all collaborations on the server.